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is a leading provider of licensing management solutions for collection agencies, debt buyers and collection law firms. Our team manages the entire process, including initial license applications and maintenance to ensure licenses never expire. CCG’s digital platform allows us to simplify the process for our clients and keep them up to date on their status of the licensing progress.


Capital Compliance Group has been recognized as a trusted leader in accounts receivable management compliance. CCG’s talented team has experience in all phases of ARM industry risk management and compliance. CCG’s management team has experience managing collection operations, industry compliance and state licensing.

This strategic and tactical experience makes CCG a trusted source in helping clients manage processes and mitigate risks related to state licensing, surety bonds, as well as background checks and employment screening.



We are a boutique firm that understands the impact a small to medium sized companies feel trying to become and maintain compliance. Let CCG take this burden, so you can focus on what you do best.

Initial Licensing

Capital Compliance Group’s professional staff assists with project planning, strategy, and managing the entire licensing process.

CCG understands this process in all required jurisdictions across the United States and its territories, enabling us to project costs and create a strategic plan that will meet your needs.

CCG understands that obtaining and renewing licensing is a very labor-intensive process and our experienced staff allows us to easily manage the entire process for our clients. We assist with obtaining licenses, exemptions, bonds, registered agent/managers and help to understand any special jurisdictional requirements needed.

CCG prepares and submits applications in each jurisdiction and manages the process of following up to ensure licenses are processed and maintained in a timely manner.

Renewal Licensing

Failure to maintain compliance with licensing renewal due dates and statutory requirements such as annual report filing can be costly, resulting in loss of licensing, authority to do business, fines, and penalties. Our state license renewal program mitigates these risks by managing the entire renewal process across all jurisdictions.


Our licensing renewal management services enable CCG clients to take advantage of experience and technology, allowing them to focus on generating revenue. CCG handles the entire renewal process for a low monthly rate.

Strategic Licensing Solutions

CCG offers its clients strategic license services necessary to mitigate their compliance risks associated with non-compliance with licensing requirements. CCG’s areas of expertise in this regard include:


Licensing gap analysis


Ownership changes


Address changes


Officer, director, and key management changes


 Certain Regulations apply to the debt collection industry depending on the type of consumer debt under consideration. One example, Specific regulations apply to debt collection practices depending on the type of debt under consideration. For example, medical collections must adhere to the applicable statutes within the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), or Public Law 104-191, enacted on August 21, 1996 and its stated privacy requirements. HIPAA’s “Privacy Rule” and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) identifies Protected Health Information (PHI) as “‘individually identifiable health information’ held or transmitted by a covered entity or its business associate, in any form or media, whether electronic, paper, or oral.” You can download a free PDF of The HIPAA here.

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Licensing Services Summary

Project planning, management and strategy

- Project planning, management and strategy

- Project cost budgeting

- Online filings

- Obtain bonds

- Setup registered agents and resident managers

- Application preparation and submission

- Follow up with states

- Cost budgeting by month/quarter

- Systemic tracking of filings due

- Task management

- Online filings

- Continuation bonds

- Application preparation and submission

- Follow up with states

- Gap analysis to ensure statutory compliance

- Creation of detailed license and bond matrix

- Name change

- Address change

- Ownership change

- Manager change

- NMLS management

- License regulatory investigations

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